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  • Product Name: SRF302F-C
  • Product Number: DA-017
  • Time: 2017-03-27
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Product Features

Added with oscillating funtion,it is featured by computer control,LCD display,and 24h setting.It is respectively provided with a fan gear,a low heat gear and a high heat gear, as well as an automatic thermostat for thermal protection and a fuse.


Exports: Europe, America, Australia, Middle East. etc.

Portable Heater:

A portable heater is a type of heating appliance that is designed for ease of movement while still providing adequate levels of heat. Portable heaters are generally used indoors, in spaces that may lack other sources of heat. They are commonly used in locations that do not have access to central heating systems, such as garages or workshops, or as a supplement to a central heating system that is not considered to provide adequate heat levels. A portable heater may also be used in situations where it is more desirable to heat only a small area of a building, rather than the whole thing. Users may choose to deploy a portable heater only in the room in which they are located, saving costs by choosing not to heat the entire property

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